Discrimination, Racism, Sexism and their fluid definitions

A question often asked by many different companies is “How do I find more [insert sex, race, creed, etc] employees?

Recently, this same question was posed on Quora.com and the following is my response.

Here is an idea:  Hire based on merit rather than race, creed, sex, etc!

Otherwise, you are being discriminatory.  Yes, that is using the actual definition of the word.  The same could be said of the terms “sexist” or “racist” because one hires due to sex or race over merit.

Both sex and racial discrimination occur all too often and companies get away with it by masking it with the term “Diversity”.  This is another term that has developed a very fluid definition.

1. ) Am I hiring this person because they’re a man or woman?
If Yes to either, that is sexist.
2. ) Am I hiring this person because they’re black or white?
if Yes to either, that is racist.
3. ) Am I hiring this person because they’re gay or straight?
If Yes to either, that is discrimination.

None of the above should allow one position over the other.  If it does, then any points involving “equality” are mute.

When is the compromise on “when to discriminate” and “when not to discriminate” ok?  If you’re willing to make this compromise then who are you to try and step on those that also make the compromise?

How did we allow ourselves to get to a point where we had to compromise such things?

Chapley Watson
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