Immigrants and Asylum seekers

Many asylum seekers are coming from countries with very strong cultures.  Naturally, they bring this culture with them.   The problem comes from them refusing to integrate into the culture they’re going into.  Western countries give these seekers many perks while taking perks away from their own citizens.  This will ultimately lead to the destruction of the standing culture within that country because it sets up a cancerous situation.  The perks/benefits allow the encroaching culture to freely breed, grow, and prosper while strangling the already established culture.  Many of these pro-immigration idiots fail to consider what will happen in 15-20 years to their country.  The population of these immigrants may be 5% now, but that number could grow 10 fold in a generation.  Especially, when there are government benefits covering the cost of children, health, etc.

Make no mistake, these countries are in a war and losing ground daily.

Chapley Watson
Husband, Father, Software Developer, Attempted Writer, and many other things depending on the day.
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