Public Education and the joke of it all.

I feel so sorry for our children’s future… a friend of ours’ little one was running for class president. They had purchased cupcakes with her name on them to pass out to the class. Now, here’s the kicker…. a teacher told them that, even though they had done it the previous year, they could not pass them out as it was unfair to the other students whose parents could not afford to do the same thing.

This is yet another great example of shear stupidity in our school systems and the idiots running them. There are going to be a lot of really pissed off young adults in our future. Why? Life isn’t fair. In the real world, everyone doesn’t get a trophy. Your job isn’t going to reward you for mediocrity. If your car breaks down and you can’t get to work then chances are you’re going to be fired. Some will have bad things happen and life will kick them in the teeth in the most horrible ways. Life isn’t fair and giving the false expectation that it is going to be is detrimental to the individual and society.

This friend is now rightly considering to homeschool their children. Some would disagree with homeschool as their child is “missing out on the social development that comes with public education”, but you have to ask yourself if you really want your child being subjected to these dangerous social environments.

Bullying has made it into the mainstream spotlight over the last few years. The common theme for today is for individuals to run and tell a teacher. Gone are the days of telling kids to stand up for themselves. Gone are the days of children developing the much needed backbone to get them through life. The hard lesson of “life isn’t fair” is going to hit twice as hard when they find themselves in situations where there is nobody to run to and they have to wholly rely on self to deal with situations. These are the kinds of hope stripping things that lead to suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, and potential violence.

Take all of this in and then go lookup how our public education system ranks when compared to the rest of the world. After you’ve picked yourself up off of the floor, ask yourself if public education is really the best option for your children. I hope that through research most say no, because otherwise our children’s future is damned.

Chapley Watson
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