What makes Developers happy?

  1. Managers that do not micromanage
  2. Meetings that are relevant to us and not a waste of time
  3. Challenging projects
  4. Performance graded by efficiency versus line count
  5. Properly set deadlines
  6. The least amount of political hoops we have to jump through
  7. Team members with applicable knowledge

This list plus a coffee pot and I’m sold.

Cubicle Rant

I have been in the IT industry for almost 20 years.  During this time I have worked for many different companies and noted that most share a common flaw: The Cubicle. These candy coated prison walls come in many different designs.  One design may offer “privacy” while the other is supposed to make the office […]

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Ridiculous nuggets of useless advice

Dedicated to those that are stuck in life

The guy who skins 1000 bears will probably never get noticed…. The guy who skins one, wears it on his head, and eats people… Everyone knows about him.

The quickest way to get nowhere is to walk in circles.

If the wave you’re making isn’t getting attention then make bigger waves.

A normal man beats his head against a wall until it gives or he dies from blunt force trauma… A wise man goes around the wall.

Comfort zones are dream killers. Have you really gone far enough outside of that to get what you want? How much further could you go?