Immigrants and Asylum seekers

Many asylum seekers are coming from countries with very strong cultures.  Naturally, they bring this culture with them.   The problem comes from them refusing to integrate into the culture they’re going into.  Western countries give these seekers many perks while taking perks away from their own citizens.  This will ultimately lead to the destruction of […]

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Pro tip for the day on typing

I see many individuals typing on the keyboard like they’re poking something to see if it is dead.  If you happen to be one of these individuals then have no fear!  Today is your day of salvation.

Here is a simple trick to turn you into a speed demon.  Are you ready?

Step 1: Think of something you’re extremely passionate about.  When I say “passionate” I mean something that you would take up a bat to defend.

Step 2: Go find a live chatroom with people who have opposing views and are equally as passionate.

Step 3: Poke the bear, trash talk, go on long profanity laced tirades about why they are wrong.

In no time, you’ll have an all out war.  Your mind will be so focused on what is going on in the chat that you will forget that you’re typing.  It will get to a point that your keyboard is making a nice buzzing noise.  Why?  The shear speed of your typing is eating the letters right off of the keys!

Caution:  You may make a ton of enemies following these instructions.

Unpopular Opinions

We live in an age where “unpopular opinions” can come back to haunt you years later.  Words, in the professional world, seem to be more detrimental to one’s position than infidelities or drug habits.

I do believe that is why more and more people are keeping their mouths shut about their particular beliefs.  Well, I’m not one of those people.

Here is a thought provoking response I gave to someone on the debate of abortion.

I’ve always wanted to throw a big blanket over people who are for unrestricted abortion and ask them if they were alive or not . They of course will reply with “yes” to which I would break out scissors and a vacuum and debate that with them!

Why? A blanket is about the same thickness as the skin and muscle that a baby is hiding behind in the womb.

I don’t know why the location of life determines if it is ok to kill it or not.

I hope this paints the debate in a different light.