Amnesty and Immigration Fix

immigrationImmigration is a very big issue in this country with both dominant party lines split right down the middle.

The easiest way to address this issue, and many more, would be a new program called “polls with consequences”.

In a nutshell, a poll would be issued to an area of people, say D.C; if that area is pro-illegal-immigration, move all illegal immigrants to that area with the restriction that they must live there for two years. Studies should be done for that two years regarding crime rates, property values, etc. The individuals involved in the first poll will be given a new poll. This would drastically reduce the number of individuals who are pro-illegal-immigration.

It is easy for you to say “Let them cross” whenever you’re far removed from the area and in a protective little suburban bubble.  It is not-so-easy whenever it is your area and you do see the rise in crime and drop in property values.

How quickly do you think D.C. would shift to an anti-illegal immigration position if the illegals were dumped in their neighborhoods? Probably, the next day.

“I’m for an open door policy” is easily said when that policy isn’t directly affecting the individual saying it. All I’m suggesting is to move that “open door” to areas where people are for that policy and then seeing, a short time later, if they really want that door to stay open.

Mainstream word rant

I’m actually sick of the word “racist”.  You can add the words “diversity” and “tolerance” to that list.  The definitions have been hijacked by the mainstream and dubbed “hate words”.   This is partially correct.  They have become “hate words”, but now they’re used to induce “hate” rather than describe it.

Unpopular Opinions

We live in an age where “unpopular opinions” can come back to haunt you years later.  Words, in the professional world, seem to be more detrimental to one’s position than infidelities or drug habits.

I do believe that is why more and more people are keeping their mouths shut about their particular beliefs.  Well, I’m not one of those people.

Here is a thought provoking response I gave to someone on the debate of abortion.

I’ve always wanted to throw a big blanket over people who are for unrestricted abortion and ask them if they were alive or not . They of course will reply with “yes” to which I would break out scissors and a vacuum and debate that with them!

Why? A blanket is about the same thickness as the skin and muscle that a baby is hiding behind in the womb.

I don’t know why the location of life determines if it is ok to kill it or not.

I hope this paints the debate in a different light.


Cubicle Rant

I have been in the IT industry for almost 20 years.  During this time I have worked for many different companies and noted that most share a common flaw: The Cubicle. These candy coated prison walls come in many different designs.  One design may offer “privacy” while the other is supposed to make the office […]

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