I will be an Entrepreneur later

Based on the question: I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and tried a couple of ideas, but failed. Is it a good idea to switch back to a job for now and plan for a startup some time later?


“I really want to do this, but due to circumstances I’ll have to get back to it later” ~ Most of the population

This question is applicable to many different things in life. There is generally something that someone wants to do, but they choose not to because they “need” something at that particular time.

Most of the time this is money and people aren’t really willing to sacrifice their current way of living for what they want to do (they want their steak now instead of miniature hotdogs from a metal can)

We all start off with a dream; Something we really want to do above all things. Too many get caught up in life and “I really want to do this, but I need money now! I’ll go do this one job for a few years and then come back to it”. That instant gratification(cheese!) is met(trap is sprung), 30-40 years pass, and they’re retiring from what was initially supposed to be a temporary stop in the road.

Routine is a time sink… a trap. Most people get caught in it and decades pass before they even realize they’re really stuck. There is always an immediate need(cheese!) to be met and they always run to meet said need.

“If you can dream it, you can do it” is total BS. It is a half truth with a major stipulation attached to it. You have to work, sacrifice, and sometimes crawl through the worst of the worst to succeed.

Every opportunity you use to push forward is an opportunity you didn’t waste trapped in routine.

You should also know that you’re not special. If it can happen to others then it can happen to you. The trap of routine is far more clever than most. Don’t fall into it.

Chapley Watson
Husband, Father, Software Developer, Attempted Writer, and many other things depending on the day.
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